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Results - Explained

IET Formula Goblin
Firstly the less points the better - so remember it’s the team with the least points overall who win. The slalom and drag are both timed events. The fastest time for each Goblin is recorded and put forward, all of the fastest times for the drag and the slaloma are put in order, the fastest car receieves one point the second two and so on, for the drag and slalom events seperatly. The points for the sprint are determined by the initial heat - so one, two or three points are awarded in heats that have three cars. The subsequent races don't carry points, but determine who will win the first, second and third place trophies for the event.
Other points are awarded for additional awards (minus points) and for portfolios handed in. The overall winner is the car with the least points at the end of the event- including additional award and portfolio points. Points for additional awards can differ depending on the number of participating teams at any one event.
IET Formula 24
The F24 Qualification Table shows the highest recorded mileage for every car that has participated in a regional heat in the current season. This can be used to gauge how each team is performing in the battle for qualification for the National Final.
The top three cars from each of the 11 regional heats gain automatic qualification to the National Final. 39 further places go to the teams that have covered the greatest distance in any one of the regional heats. The remaining three places on the 75 car grid are wild cards given to the most deserving teams at Greenpower’s discretion. We also allocate some reserve places in the event that any of the qualifying teams cannot make it.
All qualifying teams and reserves are notified immediately following the last of the regional heats. If your team are looking likely to qualify then remember to begin making preparations for attending.
IET Formula F24+ 
The F24+ Championship page is updated after each round of this category to show the current positions. To be eligible for the Championship, teams must enter a minimum of three races, including the final round of the season. Teams that have not entered at least two events during the year are not eligible to enter the final round of the season. Points are awarded on the following basis at each round: 1st – 10 points; 2nd – 8 points; 3rd – 6 points; 4th – 5 points; 5th – 4 points; 6th – 3 points; 7th – 2 points; 8th – 1 point.
Teams may enter more than the three compulsory events, but only their three highest scores will be counted, one of which must be from the final round of the season.