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IET Formula Goblin - Teachers - Q & A

IET Formula Goblin - Teachers

Q. How long does it usually take to build the Goblin?

A. We say as an average 15 hours. However this will vary depending on how much help the children receive and any obstacles they encounter.

Q. What do we do if we have a problem whilst building the Goblin?

A. Give us a call on 01243 552305 or email and we will do our best to solve the problem.

Q. Where can we get replacement parts for our Goblin from?

A. You can get them from The Greenpower Centre. We supply all parts for the Goblin (except bodywork) If you drop sales an email we can help with anything you need to order.

Q. What is the best material to use for the Goblin bodywork?

A. Well, you can make your bodywork out of anything you want. Many schools choose corrugated plastic as it is light but strong and fairly easy to come by. However if you are going for the Greenest car award then you may choose anything from socks to CD’s or plastic bottles - we have even had a wheelie bin! Just ensure the front and entire of the sides is covered with your chosen material. 

Q. What do the competitors need to wear when they are racing?

A. All competitors need to wear long sleeves and trousers, long overalls are an option but not essential. All drivers must wear a full face helmet (with chin protection, bike helmets aren't permitted) with a visor or goggles and must wear gloves. 

Q. How do we charge our batteries?

A. You need to obtain a battery charger that is limited to 14.1 volts charging rate, as the batteries need to be trickle charged. Most battery chargers have a slow or trickle charge setting and Greenpower sell chargers on our shop too. Remember: Never leave them discharged and remove them from the charger as soon as charging is complete.

Q. Can the batteries be charged in the car?

A. Yes, the batteries need to be charged in series as you would connect them in the car. The charger should attach to the positive on one battery and negative on another on the rear terminals of the batteries. The front two terminals on the batteries also need to be connected together. This can either be done by simply using a wire, or if your Goblin has a front isolator switch then the wires from this will already be connected to it, in which case all you need to do is make sure your front isolator switch is turned on.

Q. How do we enter events?

A. You need to enter on the website - you can see the current event list here. You will need to log in or register (if your team doesn't already have an account) to enter an event. You need to register each car (if you have more than one) for any event. If you lose your log in details please call us (01243 552305) or drop us an email so we can reset this, please don't open another account. Once you have entered you will receive an automatic confirmation email and your entry will be pending until a member of Greenpower staff approves the entry (this may take a few days).

Q. What is the usual format of the events?

A. The format may differ slightly, depending on the size of the venue and the number of entries, the general format is a time drag and gated slalom event - in the drag two or more cars run at any one time, in the slalom one car at a time goes. Each car has six goes at each event, witht their fastest time being taken for the final results. Then there is a sprint event - which is head to head knockout format races - so each car has at least one race and winners go through to semi-final and final rounds until the final three winners are determined. During the day the teams, cars and portfolios are also judged for additional awards.

Q. During the events are we allowed to change/charge up our batteries?

A. No, during the Goblin events no battery changes or charging is permitted and it is not necessary. Anyone who is found charging or changing their batteries at an event could risk disqualification. 

Q. Will we get sent the results after the event?

A. Yes you will get sent a list of the final results after the event and they will appear on the event page too.

Q. What happens if we enter an event in advance, but then can’t make it on the day?

A. You can remove an entry for any event up until the closing date of the event. If you wish to withdraw after the closing date you will still be charged an entry fee. If you withdraw after a closing date please call (01243 552305) or email to let us know. 

Q. What are the closing dates for entering Goblin events?

A. Closing dates are typically two weeks before an event (the weekday before the two week mark if it is a weekend event) although this may differ with some events, the closing date will be listed on each event page on the calendar

Q. Is there a Greenpower risk assessment for the events?

A. Yes Greenpower has a general Goblin event risk assessment here

Q. We would like to volunteer at a Greenpower event, how do we go about this?

A. If you would like to volunteer for a Goblin event drop us an email or register on the event page of the event you are interested in volunteering at.