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IET Formula Goblin - Teachers

IET Formula Goblin - Teachers

The IET Formula Goblin project aims to inspire children ages 9 – 11 years old to take an interest in engineering in a fun and innovative way. The project is for children to build their very own functioning and drivable electric car. The kit comes flat packed with step by step instruction guiding the team through the build in an easy to understand manner. The build introduces children to basic mechanics and on completion they can use it at one or many of our events around the country!

 The build can be integrated in to the curriculum to highlight key areas such as friction, electricity, materials, maths and design technology – whilst being a fun and hands on activity for children to be a part of. The project also encourages parental participation during clubs and event days and many schools are able to gain support from local businesses both practically and financially to help the project in their school or group.

The first step to getting a team going would be to get your kit, these can be purchased in the shop or via email, please get in touch if you would like more information before doing this. We can also offer advice on fundraising for your team.

 Once the school have a kit they can register by clicking on the button below, once you have received an approval email from us you can register your individual cars and start entering events.

Entry fee per race, per car for 2017 is £40 + VAT

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