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IET Formula Goblin - Teachers - Curriculum

IET Formula Goblin - Teachers

The IET Formula Goblin project is specially designed to incorporate multiple areas of the national curriculum.  Many schools use the project as a teaching aid to illustrate key ideas such as friction, materials and their uses, angles, mathematics – the list goes on. The Kit can be built and broken down easily, allowing each year to take part in the project from the start. The process teaches young people key skills which many would not usually have access to, for example the safe use of hand tools. The project also emphasises and builds on the idea of teamwork and problem solving with the whole group working together and accomplishing a final goal.

We are pleased to offer a CAD programme from Siemens which details the Goblin kit car in its SOLID EDGE programme. The design and components can be seen in 3 dimensions and children can see how the car goes together before they build it. There is a video which puts the car together in visual stages which can often make more sense than the paper plans to children. Please click here to see the Siemens site and resources.

We have recently teamed up with AQA and are able to offer students the opportunity to take part in one or more modules linked directly to the Goblin and receive a certificate for their achievements. Please drop us an email if you would like more information or this is something you are interested in signing up for.