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IET Formula 24 - Q & A

IET Formula 24 - Q & A

Q.What do I need to bring to an event?

A.There are a few things that are essential: car log book, waterproofs, sun protection (hat, sun cream), basic Toolkit, puncture repair kit.

Q. What do the competitors need to wear when they are racing?

A. The competitors need to wear long sleeved overalls. They need to have a full faced helmet adn full fingered gloves. 

Q.What should team members wear when not driving?

A.All team members in the pit lane need to wear long sleeves, trousers and closed toe shoes.  Footwear should be sturdy if they are handling batteries.

Q.Do we have to use our race batteries for practice?

A.No! You can bring along two extra batteries to use during the practice session, but they must not be kept in battery quarantine at any point during the day.

Q.What if we don’t pass scrutineering?

A.If the scrutineers do not feel that your car passes all the necessary safety requirements you will have an opportunity to fix the problem and then be re-scrutineered before you can join the race.  Unfortunately if it is an issue that cannot be fixed on the day you will be unable to race.

Q.What do we need to take to scrutineering?

A.You need to take you car log book, all your team members with the tallest driver in full race gear including helmet and gloves.  The supervising adult does not need to go, but it can be useful if they are close by to help with any issues that need resolving.

Q.What happens if it rains?

A.The race will continue for as long as the clerk of the course considers it safe.  We have very rarely stopped a race due to weather and when we have it has only been temporary.  So teams need to come prepared to spectate and drive in wet and cold conditions!

Q.Is there an opportunity to walk the course before the race?

A.This is up to the clerk of the course on the day.  If there is enough time between you being scrutineered and the start of the first race, and you won’t miss the drivers briefing, you may be allowed onto the track.

Q.How are the laps counted and timed?

A.At every event each team is given a transponder (a little green or orange box) that is attached to the car.  As the car goes over a wire in the ground at the start/finish line the transponder sends a signal to our time keeping software that measures how long the lap was and how many laps that car has done.  Timing can be seen live during the race on the computer at race admin or you can go to our live timing webpage at

Q.How do we qualify for the national final?

A.You need to enter at least one race during the season, usually your local heat.  The top 3 cars from each heat get automatic qualification.  The rest of the grid is filled with the next top ranking cars in terms of mileage.  We also put in a couple of wild cards too!

Q.We’re travelling a long way to get to the event, is there anywhere we can stay the night before/after?

A.Yes! The best thing to do is to look for local campsites near the circuits,  there’s usually lots around.  At the final The Greenpower Education Trust arranges a campsite and hog roast the night before which always a great laugh!

Q.Can members of the public come to watch the races too?

A.Of course! All our events are free for the public to come and watch so bring all your friends and family along.  Our best events are those where we get big crowds spectating!

Q.Will there be a photographer on the day?

A.We always try to get a photographer to be at each event who has total access to the track and team areas.  We’ve had some fantastic photos taken in the past and you can see them in our photo galleries.  Of course it’s always worth while bringing along your own camera for those Kodak moments!

Q. We would like to volunteer at a Greenpower event, how do we go about this?

A. Fantastic! Just send us and email and we can add you to our list for that event. We can’t run our events without volunteers so everyone’s help is much appreciated.  Check out the volunteering page for more information.

Q. What happens if we enter an event in advance, but then can’t make it on the day?

A. You can ring up the Greenpower office on 01243 552305 and let us know if it is after the closing date for entries. If before the closing date you can de-register for an event by logging into your account and visiting the events calendar page.

Q. What are the closing dates for entering events?

A. Closing dates for entering the events are listed on the event calendar page. All entries need to be in when the final regulations are sent out. Please note it is easier for us to remove you from the list of entrants than to add you.

Q. Is there a Greenpower risk assessment for the events?

A. Yes Greenpower has a general risk assessment for events; please click on the link to bring up this information.

Q. How do we enter events?

A. You need to enter through this website. By going to the events calendar page you will see which events are open to receive entries.

Q. Once I have entered an event, how will I know if I have got an entry?

A. once you have entered online you will be added to the entry list, and you will not have to do anything further. If you would like to check that we have received your entry then you can give us a ring on 01243 552305 and we can let you know. Approximately three weeks before the event the final event regulations will be sent around for you to read. This will tell you all you need to know about the event/ how it will run and what you need to do.

Q. How do we charge our batteries?

A. You need to obtain a battery charger that is limited to 14.1 volts charging rate, as the batteries need to be trickle charged. Most battery chargers have a slow or trickle charge setting and if you get stuck Greenpower supply battery chargers at £25. Remember: Never leave them discharged and remove them from the charger as soon as charging is complete.

Q. What do we do if we have a problem whilst building our car?

A. Give us a call on 01243 552305 and we do our best to solve the problem or check out the forum, there’s loads of useful information on there.