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IET Formula 24+ - Technical

So, if you've decided IET Formula 24+ is the project for you, you're probably wondering where to begin. Have a good read of the regulations first of all and examine some photos of cars on the website. A really good thing to do is visit one of the events before you commence as you will find all teams willing to share information and experiences. You may also be interested to take a look at the MOT form we use at events which gives an overview of what we are looking for when we scrutineer your car prior to racing. All of the points in the Sporting and Technical Regulations are covered in this 'at a glance' check list. If you would like a copy of the current scrutineering check list, please email

If this seems too daunting or you feel you just don't have the time or experience to design and build a car from scratch, why not consider buying one of our kit cars which have provided an excellent starting point for many competing teams?

If you have technical questions, search our discussion forum or ask a question there - many of the contributors have plenty of experience and advice to offer. The team at Greenpower are also on hand to help with queries -