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Greenpower Awards

IET Formula Goblin - Teachers


Siemens PLM Engineering & Design Award (for F24, F24+ and Corporate Challenge)

This award aims to encourage students to study the important STEM subjects and a key factor is knowledge and experience of modern industry-relevant technology, methodologies and processes. There are trophies to be won, plus £600 cash prizes for both F24 and F24+ categories.

Participating teams must use Siemens PLM software (either Solid Edge or NX) as the primary design/engineering tool (CAD).  Teams must provide a full CAD data set of their Greenpower car design in native Siemens PLM software a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the Greenpower Finals in order to be in the running for judging.

Schools and Teams have to register in advance for this award and the registration form and more details can be found here and in the Library on our website.


Portfolio Award 

We are pleased to be offering a new prize at all our events for the best presented Portfolio by teams that extend to both F24 and F24+ categories. They can take any format, however we do ask that they can be displayed clearly. Teams may want to take into consideration that the Portfolios may be used for our Awards coming on line soon (for example CREST and Duke of Edinburgh) and that the assessing of these will need to be in an A3 format or A4 and no larger

IET Formula 24/24+ Portfolio Award Guidelines

The Portfolio Award has been launched to give Greenpower and our volunteer judges a much better insight into how much work teams have been putting in to their cars on a season by season basis, and how much they have been learning through the project.

The Portfolio is the idea platform to show us if your car is new the design and build process. In later years, use it to show us how much development work the team have carried out, or if you are racing an older car while a new one is being built show us how the new build is progressing.

Don’t forget, we want to see the teamwork, the entrepreneurship, artwork, leadership and ANY other aspect of the way your team runs.

Use photographs, copies of letters to sponsors (even if they are not successful), lesson plans, team data, achievements and targets.

Then make sure you produce the portfolio in a way that will be easy to judge. If there is video content keep it brief, if it is on tablet make sure your tablet is charged and available for our judges. If it is on CD, DVD or memory stick, make sure it is in a Microsoft Office package that we can access on the day. We are also happy to see the portfolio in analogue forms – books, folders, noticeboard style presentation. Basically, as long as we can view it at the event we will welcome it!


IET Engineering Award


This award will be judged by members of the three institutions at all of the events following the criteria below:

  • Construction – Materials, clever/good use
  • Design
  • Controls
  • Weight Efficiency
  • Transmission
  • Cooling
  • Aerodynamics

The judges will be easily recognisable will armbands on so do feel free to lobby them on the day if there is a specific engineering detail you want to explain to them. However, full on harassment may not be taken so well.

The 11 cars who are selected over the regional heats will be judged at the finals where there will be awards for the Best Engineered Car, The Best Use of Materials, the Most Aerodynamic Car and The Best Use of Electronics.


For those who would like to be considered for this award, please email stating your organisation name, vehicle name and which heat you are entered for, along with a short paragraph explaining why your vehicle should be considered for this award. Only teams who have applied before the event will be able to win this award. 




Siemens Digital Award

The Siemens Digital award will be awarded to a team which has innovatively used digital elements within the design and/or build of their car. The judges would like to see innovative use of electronics, CAD programmes, use of CFD in the development of your car. In essence anything in which the use of digital media has impacted your car can help you to win this new award. This award will be presented at every heat, as well as the International Final. 

For those who would like to be considered for this award, please email stating your organisation name, vehicle name and which heat you are entered for, with a short paragraph explaining why your vehicle should be considered for the award. Only teams who have applied before the event will be able to win this award. 



The Best Presented Team Award

This award is about the whole team. Your presentation on the day; teamwork; your car; and also your overall approach to the team’s image. A big part of this is also how you conduct yourselves and refrain from bad language or unsporting behaviour. Have you created a logo for the team? Is there a story behind the team name? How has this helped with your attempts to secure PR and sponsorship? 

The Spirit of Greenpower Award

This award in many ways is the essence of Greenpower. It ties together the teamwork, leadership, organisation, performance and all the other elements that go into a Greenpower team. Over the years the winners have displayed incredible determination, fantastic solidarity with other teams helping out where possible, and the ‘never say die’ attitude keeping their car running in all circumstances.


The Best Newcomer Award

It is always great to see new faces and ideas at each event and we recognise that the first outing can be daunting. This is the reason behind the Best Newcomer Award which is awarded to the highest placing new school entering into Greenpower.


Goblin Awards

Best Presented Team:

Fancy overalls are optional - this is for the team that is well presented both in the clothing and attitude on the day. A team that works together to suceed on race day and overcome problems as a team. Team spirit is a must!


Best bodywork:

The bodywork shows imagination and character and is created by the students themselves. Obviously a lot of time has gone into not only the design but also the construction. Good use of materials either recycled or new. Shows use of different manufacturing techniques and good attention to detail. Bodywork can draw ideas from other areas such as cartoons, or can be a completely new design. Interest in the bodywork shown by other teams/public will also be taken into account.


Greenest bodywork:

The bodywork shows obvious use of recycled materials of any sort. Upmost effort has been made by the team to make the bodywork as eco friendly as possible. Talking to the team to gain additional information about their bodywork and where it came from/how they think it is green may be beneficial. Other details given by team members about steps to make the team greener can also be taken into account.


Spirit of Greenpower

The team who stand out – for a positive reason for a reason, differing at each event - judges choice (not related to another award).


Portfolio Award

The portfolio award is an important award - the opportunity to see what the students have been up to in the build up to race day. Each portfolio handed in will receive additional minus points on their overall score and the winning portfolio receieve additional points again.

For the full portfolio guidelines please see here.