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Luton Goblins 2017

Laura, Friday 2nd June, 2017

 10 teams from the Luton area turned up at Luton Sixth Form College, all with the same goal in mind – to win! With lots of supporters and the sun shining, the atmosphere was buzzing and the day set to be a good one.

Scrutineering kicked off the morning, to ensure all cars were safe to enter the track. With one or two schools needing some work doing to the cars in order to pass, all the teams pulled together and helped each other to make sure every car could race.


Children took part in the drag and slalom races before lunch time. The drag race, as always, created lots of tension and excitement as two cars at a time went head to head to try and set the fastest time.


The slalom was the event for the skilful drivers – five gates were set out for cars to drive through, being careful not to hit any cones! Once the cars had negotiated all of the gates, an emergency stop in the finish box was the final test for the drivers. The drag and slalom races were completed six times each, allowing up to 12 students per team to participate in the morning events.


After a quick break for lunch, the track was rearranged to create the sprint course. Three cars at a time raced against each other in the heats and the top two teams from each heat went through to the semi-final. After three semi-finals, it was time for the highly anticipated final! The three fastest cars from the semi-finals competed for the first-place trophy, completing six laps of the sprint track.


Greenpower do not just award trophies for the races, additional awards are on offer at every event too. Prizes are also awarded for the best portfolio, best presented team, best bodywork, greenest bodywork and also the Spirit of Greenpower. The Spirit of Greenpower is awarded to the team who stand out for positive reasons and have a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Alternatively, maybe a team that has shown fantastic team spirit by helping another team, lending tools, helping them solve their issues etc. This year the Spirit of Greenpower trophy was awarded to Downside Primary School, for helping other teams to get their cars through scrutineering.

Prize giving concluded the day, putting the teams out of their misery by revealing the results! While prize giving kicked off, the teachers and parents did an absolutely amazing job of helping the Greenpower staff with the clear up of barriers and packing away of equipment.

It’s been great to see all of the original teams funded through the generous support from The Steel Charitable Trust continue their involvement with Greenpower in 2017, and we look forward to further growing the project in this area over the coming years.


Awards for the day:

Slalom 1st: Beachborough School

Slalom 2nd: Sundon Park Junior School

Slalom 3rd: Sacred Heart Primary School


Drag 1st: Beachborough School

Drag 2nd: Steeple Morden Primary School

Drag 3rd: Sacred Heart Primary School


Sprint 1st: Steeple Morden Primary School

Sprint 2nd: Beech Hill Primary School

Sprint 3rd: Beachborough School


Best Presented Team: Beech Hill Primary School

Best Bodywork: Sacred Heart Primary School

Greenest Bodywork: Beech Hill Primary School

Portfolio Award: Farley Junior School

Spirit of Greenpower: Downside Primary School