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Scottow Enterprise Park Announced As Venue For Inaugural Norfolk IET Formula Goblin Event

Laura, Tuesday 9th May, 2017

Norfolk has recently been taken by storm by Greenpower Education Trust’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) project, IET Formula Goblin.


The rapid growth of the project in the area has demanded a regional event for all of the 30 primary school teams that are currently undertaking challenge of designing and building a single seat electric race car ready for race day on Wednesday 7th June, which has now been announced as taking place at Scottow Enterprise Park.  


Each of the 30 Norfolk primary schools involved in the project applied for a grant from the Motorola Solutions fund, and were each awarded the funding for 50% of the cost of the Kit Car bought from Greenpower Education Trust, to allow them to extend existing STEM programmes within each school. 


Jeremy Way, CEO of Greenpower commented on the venue announcement ‘The Scottow Enterprise Park will be a fantastic venue for the very first IET Formula Goblin in Norfolk.’


‘Norfolk primary schools really have embraced the project with open arms. The growth of the project in such a short amount of time is absolutely outstanding. We can’t wait to see all of the teams at the race day on 7th June.’


The innovative IET Formula Goblin project has attracted Norfolk based company, The Norse Group, as a leading sponsor of the event, as well as being supported by other local companies. 


Matthew Buck, Greenpower Ambassador for Norfolk, commented ‘I am delighted that primary schools across the county have shown such an appetite for the project. Pupils at my school – Town Close in Norwich – have loved running our Formula Goblin Team for four years, and it is great to know that hundreds more will now get a hands–on taste of engineering as well as enjoying a day of racing events.’

‘The race day on 7th June can’t arrive quickly enough. We’re working to ensure that the teams have the best possible experience throughout the project. The race day will consolidate the learning experience, and will completely bring the project to life.’


The event is open to the public, both entry and parking is free.