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Greenpower Mentors

Laura, Thursday 1st September, 2016

Greenpower Education Trust believe that providing young people with an exciting, real life project is the most successful way of sparking an interest in engineering, helping to address the serious skills gap the UK faces in this crucial business sector. To help bridge that gap, we are launching 'Greenpower Mentors' 


We're looking for mentors to work alongside our growing Ambassdor network, to help new and exisiting teams during their Greenpower journey. 


We will be looking for Mentors to do the following: 

Engage with schools offering Technical Advice and support

Liaise between Ambassadors, Greenpower and Schools

Promote Siemens free Solid Edge CAD software

Promote the Greenpower education programme – awards from AQA, Industrial Cadets and CREST. 

Visit schools who are experiencing difficulty

Attend and experience the exciting local events

Share your skills and life experience 

Support learners in self-esteem and confidence-building activities  

Network with other mentors, Ambassadors and teachers.

Promote Greenpower and encourage participation to local schools/colleges


If you would like any more information about becoming a mentor, or you would like to apply, please contact Amanda Barrett

T: 01243 552305