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Trustee Board Meeting

Emma, Thursday 18th August, 2011

Yesterday evening the trustees of the Greenpower Education Trust met for their quarterly board meeting. 

The board meetings are a time that allow the trustees to consider how the charity is running by looking over the figures and accounts and come up with a plan of how we want to progress into the future, both short and long term.  This meeting was a chance for us to look at this season's events so far and review how they've run.  Everyone agreed it's been a fantastic season so far and we're excited about the next 5 events, especially the National Final at Goodwood on 16th October.  Many of the trustees will be at the event so it'll be a great chance for you to meet them.  We also considered the race season for next year and it's shaping up to be a great one!

One of the things the trustees also talked about was the possibility of bringing in new projects to the trust: a very exciting prospect that got lots of ideas bouncing around the table.  It can get quite hectic with twelve voices all wanting to be heard, but our chairman Humphrey Avon does a fantastic job of keeping us in check and on track!

After a long meeting (almost 3 1/2 hours!) everybody felt we had a clear plan of where we are heading and some fantastic new projects in the pipeline so watch this space!