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World's Fastest Electric Car

Emma, Tuesday 23rd August, 2011

Take a look at this article all about the worlds fastest electric car.  It's not what you might think!

Physics is cool again!

Greenpower, Thursday 18th August, 2011

According to an article on the BBC today Physics is once again a cool subject for people to study at A-Level.  But was physics ever un-cool?

Flashes of Genius

Hannah, Thursday 18th August, 2011

Flashes of Genius,

The benefits gained from tkaing things appart, looking at how they work, making something else out of the bits and sorting through what you have left.....definatly worth a read.

Trustee Board Meeting

Emma, Thursday 18th August, 2011

Yesterday evening the trustees of the Greenpower Education Trust met for their quarterly board meeting. 

Flying Cars

Greenpower, Thursday 18th August, 2011

Flying cars have always been a thing of the future, but now it seems that the future is here! A man from Russia has managed to build a car that can fly.  It may only be able to get 10ft off the ground, and it certainly isn't the most elegant creation in the skies but it's definitely progress!

Silverstone Expansion

Emma, Thursday 18th August, 2011

Exciting news... the newest track to feature on our race calendar this year is undergoing a bit of a face lift! Silverstone have recently released plans that show how they want to develop the site over the next few years.  The plans include business facilities, a hotel and an education centre. The circuit is already the home of British motorsport hosting many high profile events every year including the British Formula 1 Grand Prix and of course the Greenpower Corporate Challenge.  Check out this link for more information about what's going on at the site in Northampton.

Engineers Wanted!

Greenpower, Wednesday 17th August, 2011

There's never been a better time to go into engineering. 

This week BP announced that they are seeing a shortage of Engineering graduates and so are struggling to fill the vacancies they've created.  Unfortunately there are not enough people choosing to study engineering at university.  Although university engineering departments are still thriving, much of that is down to international students who often don't stay in the UK after their studies have finished. 

The Magic of Dismantling

Hannah, Wednesday 17th August, 2011

Greenpower isnt all about the building....Many people forget how important the dismantling stages are, take a look at this article and see how much you realy can learn from dismantling things aswell as putting them together!

Green Ocean Giants

Emma, Wednesday 17th August, 2011

Here is a great link to a bit of interactive fun from the BBC.  It's all about how to build a giant wind turbine out at sea.  These ways of producing "green" energy are becoming more and more important as more of the world develops and the demand for energy increases.  But have you ever thought about how they manage to build one of those towering structures miles out to sea?

What do Lewis Hamilton and Iron Man have in common?

Emma, Wednesday 17th August, 2011

What do Lewis Hamilton and Iron Man have in common...?

They both work in industries that have helped a teenage boy who was born without one of his hands have a new lease of life!

The formula 1 team Mercedes GP Petronas have collaborated with Touch Bionics to use technology from both of their engineering teams to create a brand new hand for Matthew James.  His new hand will have motors in each of the fingers to allow independent control which means he'll be able to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible for him.


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