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Big Industry - Big Opportunity @ Rockingham

Jeremy, Wednesday 14th September, 2011

Rockingham Motor Speedway, hosts of the 2011 Greenpower Midlands Regional Heat, are holding an event that all schools participating in Greenpower will be interested in attending, on Wednesday 12th October. Big Industry - Big Opportunity is an interactive programme of activites and workshops for young people. It will provide a unique opportunity for young people aged 14-25 to explore the scope and breadth of the automotive industry at this stunning venue.

For further information please download this information leaflet and booking form.

Toyota Electric Car Record

Jeremy, Tuesday 13th September, 2011

This is a good link -  - demonstrating that electric cars are the future, with a new electric lap record set at the Nurburgring by Toyota. Enjoy!

New Website Live

Jeremy, Tuesday 13th September, 2011

We're delighted to welcome you to our brand new website. We hope you'll enjoy a more interactive and informative experience so please do have a browse around all the sections. Various upgrades will be made over the coming days so please bear with us while some minor issues are sorted. This site has been generously created for us by our sponsors Unipro,, to whom we are extremely grateful.

Cover it Live

Jeremy, Friday 9th September, 2011

We'll be providing live snippets of information from Sunday's race at Bedford Autodrome via our Cover it Live service, which Race Control and teams will be feeding updates to throughout the day. Keep an eye out for the link on Twitter and Facebook, and if you're participating and have a Twitter account then start following us and you can become a part of this exciting new development.

Engineering in the News

Emma, Wednesday 7th September, 2011

There's been some brilliant new technologies hitting the headlines this week.  FIrst we had the single molecule motor and then the James Dyson Awards.

Can you imagine having a Greenpower car running off a motor only as big as 5 or 6 atoms? That would make for some very light cars and some very fiddly electrics work!


Volunteers for Bedford Autodrome

Jeremy, Tuesday 6th September, 2011

The IET Formula 24 season kicks off again on Sunday 11th September at Bedford Autodrome. As it's a large entry we're in need of some additional volunteers to help with various roles including scrutineering, pit lane and circuit marshalling. Volunteering is guaranteed to provide a varied and interesting day out, and you do get a free lunch as well! If interested in attending in this capacity, please email me direct -

Powered by Chocolate, Steered by Carrots and Bodywork made from Potatoes...!

Emma, Thursday 1st September, 2011

Thanks to Martin for posting this link on our forum.  It's a great example of people looking in unexpected places for sustainable and renewable materials!

Top 10 Electric Supercars!

Emma, Wednesday 31st August, 2011

Amazing photo gallery courtesy of The Telegraph! Very proud to see one of our best cars featured alongside the likes of lotus, maybe they'll be our next corporate entry?

African Space Programme

Emma, Friday 26th August, 2011

We've stumbled across this article all about the African Space Research Programme.  It may not be as famous as NASA, and it only has 600 members most of whom are engineering students, but they're certainly not short on ambition.  They've already starting building an airplane in their back garden and although it may be missing some vital elements such as an engine, they hope to have a shuttle and rocket ready to send a man into space in the next 4 to 6 years!

Engineering Ice Cream

Emma, Wednesday 24th August, 2011

Here's a great video that shows you engineering is everywhere! Have you ever wondered how Viennetta is made?  All those waves and layers of chocolate and ice cream... Well wonder no more:

We'd love to know what items you've found that use engineering in an unexpected way!


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