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Since moving to the new forum it is clear that there is no way to use forum BB code to post pictures or control how your posts look.

However after a bit of experimenting I was able to find a way to post pictures. You will still need the pictures hosted online, I've used for a while and it serves the purpose well. I'm sure that this technique could be used with any sort of picture hosting, because as far as I'm aware you just need a URL for the picture you want to display and the HTML code required to make it show on a web page.

Using Photobucket it is easy, once you have uploaded the photo and viewed it in your album you will notice that there are four code options presented. Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML code and IMG code.


Just select and copy the HTML code then paste it into the forum.

It will look something like this:


Once you make your post your picture will display like this:


As you can see the forum software automatically sizes the pic for easy viewing, while giving the option to view full size with a click - I really like that.

I don't know enough about using HTML to try, but it might be possible to just enter the code to display the picture as you would to code a webpage, using a known picture URL from your own hosting. I'll leave that up to you to play with.


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    Having had a play it appears that you can display pictures with regular HTML image tags.


    Giving you...


    Which means it's just as easy to post pics hosted in places that aren't Photobucket, and probably means those who are a whiz with HTML can do all sorts of exciting things with their posts.

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