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The Greenpower Centre

Often people ask of our main project, ‘How is Greenpower green?’, ‘What makes racing electric cars sustainable?’ Well, the answer is that whichever category you choose the cars are all designed and built to be as efficient as possible and make the most of the limited power available. The nature of the project also gets young people thinking about electricity as a viable power source for vehicles.

Here we highlight just how efficient Greenpower cars can be using some facts provided by one of the leading teams in the IET Formula 24 series:

- Energy usage per four hour race: 1.632 kWh
- Electricity cost per four hour race: 19 pence
- In petrol energy terms this is equivalent to: 2646 Miles Per Gallon

For this particular team that’s at an average speed of just under 30 miles per hour including pit stops, so you could travel well over 100 miles for just 19 pence.

We adopt our green ethos in everything we do. You can read about our fantastic sustainable headquarters The Greenpower Centre. You can also read our Sustainability Policy.